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What book are you reading now? No, not read? Well, what book did you read last? Do you remember? It was in high school, or University? Maybe you have a favorite author? Either. It's getting scary, when from time to time to get answers to seemingly simple questions. We all stopped reading, but worse is that we don't see this as a problem. But reading books is a great boon. The books reveal creative potential. Anyway, most of good books lies the mass of creative ideas. You only need to see them, restate for yourself and start to translate. Books improve sleep. If you regularly read a few pages of any book before bed, then you will develop into a conditioned reflex. After a certain time (usually 1-2 months) reading will be for you to signal bedtime. Thus, viewing through the eyes of the rows of books will allow your body to rebuild, and thus more effective to relax. Competent person's speech depends on the number of books read. Reading it, you are just memorizing the spelling words and enrich your vocabulary. So, you are much easier to construct sentences with words in the right situations.

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